Will Griffiths - CEO & Founder, The Level Media

"I have known Kristin Wilson for a number of years. She has helped my business, family, and friends to find the right location in Costa Rica. Her knowledge and vast experience in the local market coupled with her ability to listen to your requirements and perfectly match this to her network of contacts make her your ideal partner. She is fluent in Spanish and English and is incredibly fun and friendly to work with. She gets you results at the price you want!"

Shannon Shorr - #6 on the Global Poker Index GPI 300

"I cannot recommend the girls at Poker Refuges more highly. A friend and I needed to get relocated to Costa Rica quickly before the Pokerstars WCOOP, and Poker Refugees made it an unbelievably smooth, easy process. They were at our disposal almost 24/7 during the relocation process and saved us countless hours of trouble given that we didn't speak Spanish. You'll regret not hiring Poker Refugees if you're trying to relocate." 

Professional Sports Bettor - Canada (name censored for privacy)

"I was glad to have Poker Refugees in my corner for the many steps a relocation requires." 

Winston Smith - Professional Sports Bettor, EU

"I had a unique problem, yet Kristin solved it in track record time. Her service is invaluable, not just for poker players, but for sports bettors or anyone who is relocating, needs help with increasingly Orwellian laws, or needs guidance through the bureaucracy maze. Kristin is your ace in the hole."

Ronit Chamani - Professional Poker Player; GPI #137

"Working with Poker Refugees really helped with the transition of moving to a new country. The women who run the show are ready to help with every call, every questions, they put you in contact with the right people to do the things needed to be done. Even after you are settled they are always available for constant support and assist even further." 

Brent Courson - Professional Poker Player, Costa Rica

"Choosing to go with Poker Refugees was one of the most +EV decisions I have ever made. Moving to another country can be a daunting task, and I was wasting countless hours and weeks trying to choose a location and find an apartment on my own. The vast knowledge and experience the Poker Refugee team has with international markets allowed me to find a place much quicker than I ever could have imagined. They allowed me to get back to focusing on what I do best: playing poker and making money. If you are thinking of relocating to another country, you should definitely hire Poker Refugees. Your bank roll will thank you."

Chris Podlewski - Professional Poker Player, Costa Rica

"I spent a considerable amount of time researching moving to another country to play online poker and driving into Canada multiple times to look for a place to lease just to end up being denied entry. When I used Poker Refugees to move to Costa Rica, I spent a lot less time and they set up everything for me to move and get back to playing. It was definitely worth it." 

Dan Smallidge - Professional Poker Player, Malta, CR & Korea

"I would highly recommend using the Poker Refugees service. The service was very professional and worth every penny. My transition from the US went smoothly and I was back up grinding within a couple days of arriving. Kristin is great and helps any time I have a question."

Stan Silver - Professional Poker Player, Mexico

"I wanted to thank you for all your help in relocating. It's nice to find someone so knowledeable about what at first seemed like a maze!! To anyone thinking about making a move, I highly recommend making things easy on yourself and use her services. Nice to deal with someone who actually knows and understands the do's and dont's. Thanks again!!"

Tommy Martone - Professional Poker Player, Mexico

"I was in a tough spot and wouldn't have been able to cash out my winnings without the help of Poker Refugees. They help me set up a bank account in Mexico and even provided private car service and rental property assistance. I didn't know the first thing about handling things in Mexico and they walked me through it personally, step by step. Thanks to Poker Refugees I was able to withdraw my roll in time to win a seat to the WSOP Main Event!"

SPORTS REFUGEES: Global Relocation & Consulting  Services for Professional Online Sports Bettors


Poker Refugees founder, Kristin Wilson, began her career by helping people from all over the world invest in real estate property and relocate to Costa Rica & Nicaragua from 2005-2011.

Since launching Poker Refugees in 2011, she and her team have spearheaded the relocation for over 400 professional poker players and sports bettors to more than 20 countries worldwide. 

Read what her clients have to say about the experience: 

Reviews from Client Feedback Surveys (all are anonymous responses to the following questions):

Is there anything you think we should add to the relocation service?  What feedback can you offer to other players considering this?

-I would describe my process as completely pain-free. I don't think anything needs to be changed about Poker Refugees.

-Everything was excellent... Kristin and team went above and beyond on helping me with everything.

-I was impressed with PR's communication throughout the whole process. I had a lot of questions come up over the course of my transition and Kristin was always there going out of her way to answer them.

-Had very high expectations going in, and they were exceeded. Thanks a ton!

-Everything needed and more, that I can think of, is already provided [in this service].

-I saved a ton of time and money by using Poker Refugees. I would absolutely recommend them to a friend or use them again should the need ever arise. Kristin and her staff were great and answered all of my questions promptly. Using Poker Refugees definitely eases the stress that comes with moving to an unfamiliar country. Thanks!

-With no idea where to begin, Poker Refugees made moving to a foreign country seem like something I have done several times before. Poker Refugees ensured a seamless transition so I could focus solely on studying and grinding, saving me an extreme amount of time. Simply put, they are awesome.

-Everything went smoothly and the service was definitely worth it for a complete foreign country newbie.

-Hugely appreciative of Poker Refugees services!

-Thanks again, Kristin. You did a great job helping me with the relocation. I suppose I owe you some beer.

-I am so glad I hired your services!

-Very knowledgeable and friendly staff; highly recommended

-Kristin and her team are awesome. There is no way I could have done this without Poker Refugees. There are so many moving parts to getting relocated and set up to play poker. Poker Refugees handles it all. I was playing the next morning after arriving. In addition to the relocation process and account set ups they supply you with a wide range of services and information to help you adjust to life in your new home. Good luck trying to do this without Poker Refugees.

-Nothing [to add] that I can think of, you guys pretty much covered everything!

-I had a good experience. The internet was shaky at first before getting fixed, but I was expecting such hassles and it was very comforting knowing Poker Refugees would be there to assist me with any troubles. The price is expensive but not overly so. I'd say it's well worth the money.

-Kristin you were great. Even with all the travelling and moving around I was impressed with your response times effort. I don't know how you keep the hours you do but I was impressed. And not only do you offer great service but you obviously have the connections to get through to the gatekeepers. I wasn't expecting that but knowing you were in contact with not only Pokerstars but Skrill higher ups as well felt like getting the VIP treatment. I know it was a bit of a battle but I appreciate all the hard work. I just wanted to convey my gratitude. Thanks!!!