Owner and founder, Kristin Wilson, launched sister company Poker Refugees in response to the market changes post-Poker Black Friday in 2011. Poker Refugees has relocated over 400 professional poker players and sports bettors to-date.

While Full Tilt Poker, Pokerstars, UB and AP made front page news in 2011, poker players weren’t the only people affected by Black Friday – recreational and professional sports bettors over the years have always been affected by regulation in the US: The Wire Act, UIGEA, Black Friday indictments and more.

In response to the demand and inquiries from sports bettors in the years following Black Friday, we decided to launch a specialized service just for you.   

Our mission is simple – we help professional sports bettors travel and relocate to countries internationally. The reasons that bettors want to relocate are varied, but the goal remains the same – you want to bet on sports when, where and how you want.You want to be able to deposit, withdraw and exchange your funds freely. You want to enjoy your lifestyle. You want freedom to bet on sports openly, whether it’s a hobby or your career. While the inspiration for the poker relocation concept started in the United States, today our client base has expanded to include poker players and sports bettors from Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East & Asia. We work inclusively with individuals, couples and families.

Some of our clients are living in a country where betting on sports is illegal or unregulated. They may be in a situation where they have problems depositing or cashing out. Others have had money stolen from illegitimate sites and want to bet on lawful and dependable sites instead. Some bettors move for tax reasons. Others relocate temporarily just to avoid the bitter cold winters in their hometowns.  Whatever your reason, we can help you.

  • Better or more transparent regulation
  • Freedom to bet on almost all international sites
  • More security and accountability from sites
  • Deposit and withdraw when you want with minimal restrictions
  • Access to international e-wallets, more payment processing options
  • Expanded banking options
  • Live almost anywhere in the world
  • Weather and climate of your choice
  • Lower cost of living in most cases
  • Move to a time zone that aligns with your betting schedule
  • Tax benefits depending on your country of citizenship and destination*

*Tax consultations in your home and new country can be arranged with licensed professionals



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